My Little Corner

I just got back from an extended overseas vacation w/my family.  Wow, is there a lot of catch-up work to do in the yard.  I am disappointed in the weather this year because it wasn’t hot enough for a bumper tomato crop, but I guess that was actually a good thing considering I just missed a huge chunk of the season.  Gotta think positive, right?

Until the time is right for our family to move somewhere with more room, I’m making the best of my little suburban yard.  You can do the same.  I only have a 1/3-acre lot, most of it fenced back yard.  I am bound by HOA covenants as to what I can and can’t do, but sometimes I push the limits. 

We back up to common area, so I don’t really have to worry about irritating a lot of other people.  Luckily, my neighbors on either side have lived here as long as I have (16+ years) and are awesome.  They benefit from my garden, as well!

I’ve tried to make my little corner of the world beautiful as well as practical.  And I try to make it attractive to birds and bees.  Here are a few pictures.  All the work you see here, I’ve done myself, typically BY myself.  Enjoy!


Forsythia in bloom.



Daddy bluebird.



Hostas & Hydrangeas.



Visitor on my butterfly bush.



Potted basil.



Guarding his box.


crepe myrtle

Crepe myrtle in bloom.



Peony bed in bud.



Bearded iris.


IMG_4232 (2)




Cucs going nuts!


robin eggs

Robin’s nest.



Onions flopped & ready to pull.



Red-tailed hawk.


blueberry patch

Newly planted blueberry patch (& marigolds).


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