Stinky October Weather

It’s hot. 

If the temperature gauge on my minivan is to be believed, it’s 93 degrees in my driveway.  That’s WAY too hot for October in Virginia.

I want my sweatshirt weather back!  Waaaaah.

I’ve been waiting for the cooler weather to really stick so I can finish cleaning out the garden.  So far, not happening.  But on the up side, my tomatoes are going gangbusters.  Kind of makes me feel bad for wanting to rip them out.  It’s like they know.

I also have a bunch of garlic I want to plant.  But it’s too warm!  You’re supposed to plant garlic cloves in the fall “after the first light frost.”  Well at this rate, I’ll be planting them at Christmas.

But you know who LOVES the warm fall weather?  Stink bugs. 

Don’t have stink bugs where you live?  Consider yourself lucky.  They are as yummy as they sound.  Here’s a picture.


They are about the size of a nickel and look like little brown tanks.  They fly, but they don’t bite or sting.

Why are they called “stink bugs,” you ask?  Because they give off a lovely smell when you squash them.  It doesn’t particularly bother me, but my kids say it is the most disgusting thing ever.  Maybe I just haven’t gotten a full dose yet. 

These things have invaded the Mid-Atlantic by the millions.  This time of year, they are literally everywhere.  I can’t work in the yard without being pelted by them.  They literally fly into my head.  And I learned the hard way not to drive with the windows down right now.

They’ve turn my screened in porch into that scene from “Amityville Horror” – the one where Rod Steiger as the priest gets stuck in the bedroom where the windows fill w/flies.  (If you’re under 40, look it up.)  Anywhoooo . . .


What makes these things worse than most annoying insects is that they want to LIVE in your HOUSE.  They are little opportunists.  They wait for you to open a door & then fly in behind you.  Or they squeeze themselves through the very tiny spaces between your window screen and the frame.  Then they look for places to hide for the winter.

Here’s one in what seems to be one of their favorite places – inside my honeycomb blinds.  Try explaining that to your clean-freak mother.


So I’m REALLY ready for the real fall weather to return.  It would be my favorite season . . . if it weren’t followed by winter . . . when I’ll be complaining about how cold it is.


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