Finding New Recipes

I think I’ve mentioned once or ten times that one of my goals has been to prepare more home cooked meals.  Some nights, many nights, I still fail at this.  Either we have too much going on to be able to have a family dinner, or frankly, sometimes I’m just too tired to cook.  Or to even think about cooking.

I saw a hilarious little meme recently that said something like “There’s no food in the house. Just lots of ingredients to make food.”  Hahaha!  I can totally relate to that.

Part of my problem is that I don’t have a large repertoire of tried and true recipes to pull from.  Nor do I have a freezer stocked with meals you just stick in the oven for an hour and you’re done.

I’ve been trying to remedy that by finding new ones to try.  If my family likes it, the recipe goes in the binder.  I just need to take the next step and make extras to freeze.

One of the blogs I follow is The Pioneer Woman.  Do you know her?  Until recently, I had no idea she had a show on The Food Network, too!  Duh.  I started recording it because she has a lot of good, basic, simple recipes that I can handle.  They’re by no means low cal, but I figure eating anything at home has got to beat how much we consume when we eat out.  Am I right?

One meal I tried recently that was a big success was her chicken parmesan.  I made it with my homemade tomato sauce that I canned using tomatoes I grew!  It was deeeeliccioussss!  And I was pretty proud of myself.  Except I had a nightmare that night that I gave everyone botulism.

BUT . . . I’m happy to report that everyone is fine and showed no ill effects from my sauce.


Chicken Parm over past w/garlic bread.

I also made her PB cup cookies which didn’t even last long enough to cool down.  My husband was shoving them in so fast, burning his mouth in the process.  But they were so good, he didn’t care!


PB cup cookies, still gooey.

Now that Winter is Coming (see what I did there, GOT fans?), I need to get on the stick (did your parents use that expression?).  It would be so nice to just stick a pan of something or a casserole of something in the oven and not have to venture out when it gets super cold outside.  Or not have to think of something creative to have for dinner.  My brain doesn’t work very well in the winter.

If you have some good “tried and true” recipes that freeze well, let me know!


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